Blood on Your Hands

A Musical Memorial and a Call to Action


We wrote Blood on Your Hands to honor those who lost their lives to gun violence in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, and to send a message to those who profit from gun violence.

We’re grateful to our collaborators who came together to record the song in time for the March For Our Lives.   

We hope this song will comfort brokenhearted families and communities that have lost people they love.  But we also want this song to shake up hardhearted profiteers in business and politics who have flooded our country with millions of assault weapons.

Share this song on social media to spread the word about ending gun violence.


Learn ~ Click here for the lead sheet music or here for the choir music

Performed by M.A.S.A. (Make America Sing Again)

Lyrics & music: Naomi Steinberg & STEIN


Voice: Naomi Steinberg

Piano: Laura Welch

Cello: Kira Weiss

Violin: Jenny Scheinman

Guitar & bass: STEIN

Choir: Temple Beth El Choir

Audio engineering & mixing: STEIN

Vocal coaching: Dorothy Stone

Special thanks to Jenny Scheinman, Anna Thaler Peterson, Berel Alexander

A Meaningful Music Production

Copyright 2018 Meaningful Music


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